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Leadership.RO is an initiative meant to produce a better understanding of the concept of leadership in the private sector of the Romanian business environment.

We want to achieve this goal by attracting the most experienced and competent business executives in this country, who share our passion for leadership and who, like us, want to help the future generations of leaders in the Romanian business community reach their full potential.

We have designed and started up this project as a not-for-profit initiative. All the executives who are or will ever be involved in this project are expected to be volunteers.

Ultimately, our aim is to stimulate the creation of a mature, INTERNATIONALLY COMPATIBLE LEADERSHIP ECO-SYSTEM in our business community, by shifting the focus from the notion of ‘power’ to the concept of ‘purpose’.

We believe that leadership has a lot to do with the ability to define a worthy purpose in what we do. We also believe that such an ability ‘charges’ the leadership act with a tremendous power, which must be used responsibly, not only for the benefit of the organization, but also for the benefit of the society in which we work.

This is why we chose “The Power of Purpose” as our central theme.


"Being a leader is like being a lady: if you tell people you are one, you probably are not."

Lady Margaret Thatcher


Leadership.RO is a project which serves the Romanian private sector business community and its members. Leadership.RO wants to provide this community with a focal point and a communication platform where the values system in our business community will be shared and debated.
The points of view expressed in this site belong to the contributors of this site. Leadership Development Solutions and all the supporting
partners of Leadership.RO do not accept any responsibility or liability which might arise from any debates published in this sight.